DGPS Ent. consists of two vision driven, highly motivated individuals: DS and Victor Hernandez. 

Victor Hernandez found his passion and purpose behind the lens in his late teens. Starting out in photography, he quickly transitioned into film and video production. With his 8 plus years of experience and love of story telling, Victor has grown to be an expert editor, sought out videographer and skilled director. His long-term goal as a director is to direct full-length feature films, and create content that amplifies encouragement, overcoming barriers and self-love. 

Being inspired by artists in the independent music scene, DS became intrigued with business and entrepreneurship. He grew passionate with content creation, talent management and video production. DS got his start as a video producer by being a Production Assistant and First Assistant Director on small budget music videos. This gave him a full-scope understanding of what it takes to create something from nothing in the video production world. His interest in talent management came to fruition with his first inter-state tour experience.

With their combined experience and equal hunger for success, DS and Victor teamed up to form this dynamic duo, and go after the American Dream together.

DS and Victor make a great team because their goals as individuals and business owners are the same: work hard to provide for their families and others. They stand on firm principles of character, integrity and trust; which gives them the courage to communicate from a place of respect, in order to draw out the best both within themselves and of those they work with. What the duo brings to the table for their clients is a great level of work ethic, unique perspectives in content creation and a positive mental attitude. 

This is DGPS Ent., and we're here to serve you.